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I'm happy to hear about how you think I'm doing with Gon, good or bad! Feel free to hit me here -- or just prod me if you need to get in touch and I haven't been around ♥

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Jul. 5th, 2020 10:24 pm
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Hello! This is Gon! Leave a message. Oh yeah, and your name too! Thanks!

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[It's snowing! And Whale Island might be cold sometimes, but one thing it doesn't have even on the very top of the island is lots of snow. Gon is laughing merrily somewhere behind the blurry video feed as he runs several steps, and turns to reveal a mountain of it that he's collected: a good ten feet tall, maybe, though it's hard to tell from his height.

It's not exactly sculpted into much, but there it is: lots of snow.]

Hey, Killua! Come help me! I'm gonna make a snow Gonta!

[Pause, and he grins at the video, because, right: there's a lot of other people on the network too!]

Everybody, does it snow a lot where you're from? What do you like doing?
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[He's frowning intently when the video feed starts, but he doesn't hesitate to speak. This has been eating at him for a few days now -- and he can't figure it out himself; so finally he thought he might as well ask...

Maybe someone knows.]

How can you tell what's real?

[That's it; he gives a quick nod and cuts the feed.]
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[Oh look, it's the loud boy from yesterday... only this time he's wearing a (slightly) embarrassed grin and waving at the video pickup.]

Hello! I'm Gon Freecss! It's nice to meet you!

[--and bowing, deeply, for a second before he bounces back to vertical.] I'm really sorry I yelled at everybody yesterday! [And really glad everybody but Killua just heard him over the phone, so he didn't hurt anyone, because that would have been really bad...]

I understand about this place now, so don't worry. But I wanted to ask if anybody could tell me more. About the animals here, or the Animus, or anything!

Thank you very much.


Oh boy he hopes that makes up for it. He doesn't even know who that girl was who sounded really scared.... quickly, he grins at the video pickup, and cuts the feed.]
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[The video snaps on to show Gon, at close range, with his eyes dark. He stares for barely an instant before the video blurs and refocuses on his cheek as he speaks into the receiver.]

This is how I talk to you, right? I don't know where you are yet, but I'm coming to find you right now. You'd better come out and fight me.

All I have to do is beat you, and this place can't last... right?

I'm gonna find you, and make you send me back, because I HAVE TO BE THERE RIGHT NOW--

[The PCD creaks as his hand tenses, and the feed dissolves into static.]


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